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I decided to become an artist at the age of 12. I was walking to school and decided that I would work in education and become an artist.My Mother had already started me in oil painting. It was very basic. Coming from a small village, there was no formal training. I was fortunate that I was able to go the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, N.S. I graduated with a BFA in Ed. I started teaching art in the public school system. I started creating but could not devote too much time as I was working full time.

It was only when I retired that I was able to devote full time to painting. The journey was long and difficult having to compete with already established artists but I continued with whatever opportunities were opened to me.

I was fascinated with large format paintings as they invited the spectator to become part of the viewing experience. I also painted mostly in series. Working in series allows me to fully develop the ideas that I want to show and to better develop the techniques best suited for their renditions. I started working in oils but that soon became a heath problem and changed to acrylics.

My inspiration comes from a variety of themes from mystical to everyday topics to my environment.

I have been painting professionally for over 50 years and my technique had not changed drastically. I find that it had been purified and my expectations have become stricter.

My first series was about my community and my last series was on gardens.

I remember creating a painting for the series Identité, when I was artist in residence at the Grand Pré National Historic Park. It was a very large painting of Blomidon and depicted the many founding groups that had lived there. It was bought and used as promotional content for their pamphlet. This gave me a good footing for the next steps of my journey in art.

I have always done all the business associated with my art practice. In the more recent years, I have been able to hire help with marketing.
I work every day in my studio and  feel fortunate to be in a position where I can devote my time to creating paintings. An important part of my process is meeting the many spectators that come to my shows and listening to their comments about my work.



Nadine Belliveau, artiste de la région acadienne de la Baie Sainte- Marie  Nouvelle-Écosse,  crée professionnellement depuis 1971. Diplômée de l'Université NSCAD , de l'Université de Moncton et l'Université Sainte- Anne , sa contribution aux arts a été comme  artiste , éducatrice aux niveaux communautaires, scolaires et universitaires , en tant que fondateur de deux galeries  et en tant que membre de divers associations d'art . Elle est un membre actif du Conseil des Arts de La Bale et du Collectif d’artistes  d’ Annapolis . Ses tableaux explorent l' essence de la nature par le biais de l'abstraction et de l'expression décorative et dévoilent les mystérieuses qualités  de la nature .Elle a récemment montré son travail en Nouvelle-Écosse, à Montréal, à Vancouver, à Toronto et en Louisiane.

Nadine Belliveau is a visual artist from the Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia where she has been creating professionally since 1971. A graduate of NSCAD , of Université de Moncton & Université Sainte-Anne,  her contribution to the arts has been  as an artist, as an educator , as a founder of two galleries, and as a member of many art associations, Her paintings explore the essence of her environment by means of abstraction and decorative expression and unveil  their mysterious and immersive  qualities by unveiling their inviting and warm qualities through textural, layered and large-format acrylic on canvas. Her manner of bridging the abstract and the recognizable is distinct, eye-catching and compelling. Her work can be seen on her web site or by appointment at her Belliveau Cove studio.She has recently shown her work in Nova Scotia, Montreal, Vancouver ,Toronto and Louisiana.


Future Expos
2024: Group show with the Artist's Way Collective: Elemental . October ARCAC, Annapolis Royal


Recent Expos

2023: Solo Show: Moments in Time, August Art's Haven Gallery, Belliveau Cove, N.S.
2022 : Group Show  Squared Away The Ice House Gallery, Tatmagouche, N.S.November

2022: Tides Contemporary Art Gallery, Wolfville, N.S.. August, featured artist with  Coats

2022: Group Show at the  Pavillon Acadie du Festival international de la Louisiane

2022: Arcac, Annapolis, N.S. April: Connected. Group Show

2021-2023: Laurie Swim Gallery, Lunenburg, N,S, Septembre: New Beginnings: Featured artist

2021: Sissiboo Gallery & Café, Bear River & Annapolis, N.S..2 months  solo : New Beginnings

2021: Fraser Gallery, Tatmagouche, N.S..June solo: New Beginnings

2020: Laurie Swim Gallery, Lunenburg, N.S.September : Coast

2019: Salt Spring National Art Prize Exhibition. National juried competition. Painting When Fish Becomes Fashion Coat, finalist and part of the group show September

2014-2018 Founder & responsible for Expo d'Art Saint Bernard: a seasonal community art show. Clare, N.S.

2019: July, Lunenburg Art Gallery, Lunenburg, N.S. Interactions ( Group Show)

2018: East Meets West: Fibre art group show. August Lobby du King's Theatre, Annapolis Royal, N.-S Galerie Portals, September. Duncan, C.-B.

2018: Juried Group show August Dynamic Hieroglyphic à Coldstream Fine Art, Toronto, Canada

2018: Gallery Gevik, Toronto

2018: Toronto Artist Project: Juried Art Fair

2017: Art! Vancouver: Juried Art Fair

2017: A sense of Space, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth (N..S.). Group show with the members of the Annapolis Artist Collective. Grace Burland, Sherry Caldwell, Penny Berens, Diane Clapp  & Nadine Belliveau

2015 & 2016: FIMA , Montreal Québec

2015: Gallery Going Coastal, Chester, N.S.

2015 & 2014:  Artist's Way Collective Group ,expo  Breaking Patterns at the  Yarmouth Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (november) and Galerie Père-Léger-Comeau, Church Point, N.S.

2013 : Solo Jardins at La Galérie Père-Léger-Comeau, Université Sainte-Anne, N.S.

2013 : Annapolis Artist Collective  Group Show  Quirks Quarts and Quiddity ARCAC' Annapolis Royal,N.S. Artist

2012 : Jardins, Maples Gallery, Halifax, N.S..

2012 : Juried Solo Jardins Graig Gallery, Alderney Landing, Dartmouth ,N.S..August

2011 : Solo Jardins Mym Gallery ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal (N.-S. )November

2011 : Group Show with Visual Arts Nova Scotia, Novembre at Galerie Père Léger- Comeau,Université Sainte-Anne, Church Point, N.S. : Impressions

2010: Solo: Tu es pierre: Fondations d'une identité, Grand Pré National Parc, N.S. Artist in Residence, August


2022: Banner for Weymouth, N.S. village with Drummer painting

2022: Interview Mauril of CBC Radio Canada

2022: Dreamers’ Coats: Cover of the Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse

2021: Featured Artist of the December 7th La mauve de Radio Canada

2021: Featured artist of the one-hour radio show with Gilles Saunier CIFA, N.S.

2021: Grant from Nova Scotia Creative Industry Fund for a new web site

2021: Le Voyageur cover of Barbara LeBlanc’s  book: Voyage à travers la vie de Barbara LeBlanc
2019: Finalist in the Salt Spring National Art Prize Exhibition. National juried competition. Painting When Fish Becomes Fashion Coat
            and part of the group show in Salt Spring, B.C. September

2015: Boundaries , album cover Arthur Comeau

2012 : Grant from Nova Scotia Communities,Culture & Heritage, Industry Growth for the promotion of my Solo show Jardins at
           Graig Gallery Dartmouth, N.S.

2010 : Painting Blomidon of the series :Tu es pierre : fondations d'une identité bought & printed in the promotional pamphlet of
             Grand Pré National historic Park, N.-É.

2010: Grant from Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture & Heritage Subvention for the presentation of Tu es pierre: fondations d’une identité
               at the Grand Pré National Historic Park.

2009 : Painting Célébrations 2002 chosen as promotional label of the Grand Pré National Historic Park wine.

2002 : September. Recipient of the  Rendez-Vous 2002 Parcs Canada Art Competition with the painting Célébrations.


manteau du balancement copy.jpg

Manteau du balancement - Balance Coat

Nadine Belliveau

 Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas
48 X 48 pouces - inches

collection privée-private collection

manteaudecharité2022 copy.jpg

Manteau de charité - Charity Coat

Nadine Belliveau

Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas
24 X 24 pouces - inches

collection privée-private collection

Manteau cérémonial - Ceremonial Coat

Nadine Belliveau

Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas
14 X 16 pouces - inches


manteaud'inspration2022 copy.jpg

Manteau d'inspiration - Inspiration Coat

Nadine Belliveau

Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas
10 X 10 pouces - inches


manteauduberger2022 copy.jpg

Manteau du berger - Shepherd’s Coat

Nadine Belliveau

Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas
8 X 8 pouces - inches


Manteau de la seconde passée - Just-a-minute-ago Coat

Nadine Belliveau

Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas
30 X 40 pouces - inches

Collection privée-Private Collection

manteaudetransformation2022 copy.jpg

Manteau de transformation - Transformation Coat

Nadine Belliveau

Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas

24 X 24 pouces - inches

collection privée-private collection

Manteaudela fondation copy.jpg

Manteau de la fondation - Foundation Coat

Nadine Belliveau

Acrylique sur toile - Acrylic on Canvas
24 X 24 pouces - inches

collection privée-private collection

manteaudelasecondepassée copy.jpg
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